Application and Admission

Recruitment 2016/2017

Admission requirements for foreign prospective PhD students (for the academic year 2017/2018):

Stage 1: Find a supervisor

You should find a supervisor who has the degree of doktor habilitowany (dr hab.), or the title of profesor (prof.) and is an academic teacher at the Faculty of Modern Languages. The faculty supervisor must consent in writing to supervise your doctoral thesis. The template for this document is available in the office of Doctoral Studies – 55 Dobra Street, room 2.047, second floor.

Stage 2:Complete and submit the online application form

Create a new online application at <>. The Internet Registration System
(IRK) is compatible with Mozilla Firefox.
Click on Rejestracja (Registration), then Wyrażam zgodę (I agree). Before completing the form mark the option: Nie posiadam numeru PESEL (I do not have the PESEL number) which will make the system generate the number that will be your login ID.

The system will also ask you to complete the following sections:
Dane osobowe (Personal data) || Pan (Mr), Pani (Ms), Imię (Name), Nazwisko (Surname), Data urodzenia (Date of birth), Obywatelstwo(Citizenship);
Hasło (Password) || Hasło (Password) – your password must consist of at least 8 signs, Hasło, potwierdzenie (Password, confirmation);
Odzyskiwanie hasła (Password retrieval) || Odzyskiwanie hasła, pytanie (Password retrieval, question), Odzyskiwanie hasła, odpowiedź(Password retrieval, answer), E-mail;
Szybki kontakt (Quick contact) || Telefon (Telephone number), Telefon komórkowy (Mobile phone number).

To create an account click Utwórz konto (Create account). The system will generate your login ID number. You need to write it down as the system does not send an email notification that the account has been created!

* Candidates for PhD studies do not need to pay the registration fee, and should ignore the information concerning the fee in the IRK system.

Stage 3:Prepare supporting documentation Prepare the following documents:

1| Application addressed to the Rector Magnificus of the University of Warsaw, Professor Marcin Pałys (in the IRK system).
2| MA diploma (or a copy which has been compared and certified by the staff in the office of Doctoral Studies).
3| CV (including the title of your master’s thesis, the date of your master’s exam and information about your scientific activity, i.e. publications, internships, student scientific circles, scientific conferences, scientific prizes and honours).
4| Three printed photographs of size 35 x 45 mm (signed with your name and surname at the back) and one colour photograph in the left half-profile and the left ear visible, of size 300 x 375 pixels, in JPG format, which you will need to upload to the IRK system once you have been admitted to the Faculty. When the Admissions Committee accepts the photograph, you will be able to print your application for a Student ID card, and submit it to the office of Doctoral Studies.
5| A record of academic achievement (the grade point average, the grade of the master’s thesis, the grade of the master’s exam, the final grade on your diploma, diploma with distinction, etc.).
6| External certificates confirming your knowledge of foreign languages (at least at the B2 level).
7| A description of your scientific interests in the form of a research project (of 3 pages) with its assessment by your faculty supervisor. You need to attach a Polish version of the description. Candidates for PhD studies in the Institute of English Studies must also specify the title of their research project.
* Documents listed under 8-10 are available in the office of Doctoral Studies –  of Doctoral Studies – Dobra 55, room 2.047, II floor
8| Admission application for doctoral studies addressed to the Admissions Committee of the Doctoral Studies of the Faculty of Modern Languages of the University of Warsaw. The application consists of the following information: Warszawa, dnia (…) (Warsaw, – the date – (…)), Imię i nazwisko (Name and surname), Adres(Address), Telefon (Telephone number), E-mail (E-mail), Komisja kwalifikacyjna / Studium Doktoranckie / Wydziału Neofilologii / Uniwersytet Warszawski (Admissions Committee / Doctoral Studies / Faculty of Modern Languages / University of Warsaw), Zwracam się z prośbą o przyjęcie mnie na studia doktoranckie w Wydziale Neofilologii Uniwersytetu Warszawskiego, z afiliacją w (nazwa jednostki) (I request to be admitted to doctoral studies at the Faculty of Modern Languages of the University of Warsaw, and affiliated to (name of the university unit)), podpis(signature).
9| Personal data form.
Complete the following sections: Imię (imiona) i nazwisko (Name (names) and surname), nazwisko rodowe (birth/maiden name), imiona rodziców (parents’ names), Data urodzenia (Date of birth), Obywatelstwo (Citizenship), Miejsce zameldowania (registration address), Miejsce zamieszkania (residence address), Adres do korespondencji (correspondence address), Wykształcenie(Education), Wykształcenie uzupełniające (Supplementary education), Przebieg dotychczasowego zatrudnienia (Employment experience) || Od (From), Do (To), Nazwa Zakładu Pracy (Employer’s name), Stanowisko (Position); Dodatkowe uprawnienia, umiejętności, zainteresowania (np. stopień znajomości języków obcych, prawo jazdy, obsługa komputera) (Additional certificates, skills, interests (e.g. knowledge of foreign languages, driving licence, computer skills)), Stan rodzinny(Family status) – name(s) and surname(s) and date(s) of birth of your child(ren), Osoba, którą należy zawiadomić w razie wypadku (Contact person in case of accident or injury), nr tel. (phone number), Oświadczam, że dane zawarte w pkt. 1, 2, 4 i 6 są zgodne z dowodem osobistym seria i nr (…) wydanym przez (…) w dniu (…) albo innym dowodem tożsamości (…) (I hereby state that the information in item 1, 2, 4 and 6 is in compliance with my indentity card, serial and number (…) issued by (…) on – the date – (…) or other proof of identity (…)), miejscowość i data (place and date), podpis osoby składającej kwestionariusz (applicant’s signature).
10| Information for the Admissions Committee concerning the candidate for PhD studies at the Faculty of Modern Languages.

The form consists of the following sections: Imię i nazwisko (Name and surname), Średnia ze studiów(master’s grade point average), Dyplom z wyróżnieniem (tak/nie) (diploma with distinction (yes/no)), Ocena projektu badawczego (assessment of the research project),Udokumentowana znajomość jęz. obcych (spoza programu odbytych studiów, na poziomie co najmniej B2)(certified knowledge of foreign languages (not covered by the MA curriculum, at least at the B2 level)), Publikacje (tak/nie) (Publications (yes/no)).

Stage 4: Submit your documents

Having collected the documents, make sure you put them all in a white paper file. Sign the file with your name and surname, and the name of the institute you are applying to in the bottom right corner of the file cover, and the degree or title, name and surname of your faculty supervisor in the top right corner of the file cover. The deadline for submission is August 25, 2017.
Documents delivered after the deadline will not be considered. The place of submission is:

Office of Doctoral Studies Faculty of Modern Languages University of Warsaw
ul. Dobra 55
00-312 Warsaw
Room 2.047 – II floor.

Additional information
Interviews will take place on 4-8.09.2017
Results will be announced on 15.09.2017 on the Internet page <> in the bookmark Studium Doktoranckie(Doctoral Studies) and on the noticeboard next to the office of Doctoral Studies.
Studies begin on October 1, 2017.