General Information

Modern language studies were part of the Faculty of Humanistic Studies of Warsaw University established in 1946. In 1951 the Faculty of Philology was set up. It comprised foreign language and Polish studies. In 1968 the Faculty of Foreign Philologies was created. It was re-named as the Faculty of Modern Languages in 1976. Until 2005 it included the Institute of Oriental Studies. The faculty is a federation of several organisational units, which run full-time and part-time studies in the following fields:

  • English Studies (BA and MA)
  • German Studies (BA and MA)
  • French Studies (BA and MA)
  • Iberian Studies (BA and MA)
  • Ugro-Finnish Studies (BA and MA)
  • Italian Studies (BA and MA)
  • Language and Culture Studies (BA and MA, run by the Institute of
    English Studies)

Before the academic year 2007/2008, five-year uniform MA studies were offered. Since then they have been split into BA and MA programmes.
The Faculty guarantees academic education of the highest international quality, and the different fields of study have achieved great renown over the last several decades. The Faculty of Modern Languages is entitled to award doctoral and post-doctoral degrees in linguistics and literary studies.
The Faculty journal is Acta Philologica.

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